Step into the Spotlight: Enter the 2020 Lenny Awards

lenny awards 2020Fans of the TV show Schitt’s Creek might recall the scene where Alexis Rose asks her former daytime soap star mother Moira what her favorite season is to which she hilariously replies, “Awards.” The writers of the show may or may not have known this scene would be a precursor to the 2020 Emmy awards where Schitt’s Creek won nine Emmys, breaking the record for most wins in a single season for a comedy show.

The Canadian comedy is a great example of what happens when all the cylinders are clicking. From the writing, to the acting, to the costumes, to the overall concept of the show – the comedy series found a way to connect with audiences and consistently deliver hilarious episodes. Fans of the show (myself included) felt validated by their Emmy sweep, as the show deserved to be recognized for their hard work over six seasons. The cast and the crew obviously also felt the same. I mean, who doesn’t love to have their work acknowledged and appreciated?

At Litmos, we’re all about recognizing accomplishments, especially those of our customers. We are constantly in awe of the work that you do, and we have seen customers overcome all sorts of obstacles during a tumultuous year. That’s why we’ve launched the 4th Annual Lenny Awards.

The Lenny Awards showcase innovative and inspiring Litmos use cases that have measurably benefited your customer-facing workforces, improved sales, service and/or channel performance, and have a proven ROI that gives your organization a strategic advantage. Nominations close November 6th and the award winners will be announced via webinar on December 10th, 2020.

You could be a contender, if you’ve built a learning program that has:

  • Measurably benefited your customer-facing workforces
  • Improved sales, service and/or channel performance
  • Advanced the value of learning within your organization
  • Have proven results/metrics that give your organization a strategic advantage

If you think your organization fits one (or many) of the below categories, then enter your organization for an award today! (Yes, you can enter for more than one).

Lenny Award Categories:

  • Best Sales Training Program
  • Best Service Training Program
  • Best Not-for-profit Training Program
  • Best Employee Training Program
  • Best Customer Training Program
  • Best Channel/Partner Training Program
  • Zero to Hero
  • Best Transition to Remote Training
  • Best Use of UI

Enter Today!