Tips for Creating a Rockstar Customer Training Department

Building a Customer Training DepartmentAs our world adapts to the benefits of technology many HR-centralized training departments are feeling enormous pressure to produce more training content. Unfortunately, 20th century training departments are typically ill-equipped to meet the demand of employees hungry for more. And so adding the additional responsibility of customer product training to the HR department is typically not the best idea. In my experiences, with companies of varying sizes, product departments (and others) are more frequently taking matters of customer training into their own hands. On the very minimal end of the spectrum they’re hiring a single training specialist to turn technical documentation and subject matter expert knowledge into online learning content. However, on the other end of the spectrum, it’s becoming more and more common for product divisions to build an entire Product Training Organization.

I’ve designed this guide to be an introduction to the idea of building a Rockstar Product Training Organization.

One reality in the corporate world is that no 2 companies have the same needs, or available resources. I’m assuming that if you’ve been given this task, you’ve already proven yourself as a competent corporate leader. So this guide will not hold your hand through the specifics of the work ahead of you. However, it will give you some solid ideas to make you think about the road you’re on. And if you DO travel down this road, or have traveled it many times before, I’d love to hear about our experience.