Introducing the Litmos Built Shopify App

Attention all Litmos eCommerce users and future users! I have some great news for you. The Litmos app for Shopify has moved out of Beta, been approved, and is now officially available in the Shopify app store. We built this app to give you the best eCommerce tools possible to sell your Litmos courses.

Why use the Shopify App to sell your Litmos courses? We are not eCommerce experts nor do we claim to be. So, we decided to leave the advanced eCommerce solution to the people who specialize in it. We tested and reviewed a number of eCommerce solutions and chose Shopify, due to having a similar philosophy to Litmos: make a user-friendly solution with awesome customer service. From my own experience, if Litmos was an eCommerce solution I think it would be Shopify.

Litmos will continue to come with a built-in eCommerce solution at no additional charge. And although there are other eCommerce plug-in options for Litmos, the Shopify app is the only eCommerce solution built by the Litmos team. In addition, the Shopify app offers many features and functions you will not find elsewhere at only the cost of a Shopify subscription (see their website for details).

If you can’t decide between the built-in eCommerce solution for Litmos or the Shopify app, no matter what you decide, you will not be locked into your eCommerce solution. Like Litmos, Shopify offers both a free trial and month to month option that gives you the time you need to decide and allows you to cancel at any time. Or start with the built-in eCommerce solution and only when you are ready, implement the Shopify app.

What the Shopify app offers:

• Create a custom storefront
• Access to advance marketing and SEO features
• Coupons and coupon codes
• Bundling courses
• A large selection of payment choices and currencies
• Social network integration
• Apps to create a customized eCommerce solution

Contact for more information.