Advertise and Publicize Courses in Litmos

Until now the only way to advertise the courses Litmos customers had created and wanted to sell was via their own website.

But things have changed.

Today, we’ve released a feature which now gives each and every one of our customers their own personal course listing page! But it doesn’t end there. Each page is Search Engine Optimized (SEO), which means it has been built in the best possible way to be found by potential students and trainees that use search engines like Google.

How do I set it up?
No need! If you’re a Litmos customer with eCommerce enabled on your account, then your course listing page is automatically generated and populated with those eCommerce enabled courses in your account. To take a look at your personal course listing page just go to:

(‘your unique web address’ is the unique login url you chose on sign up i.e. your company name)

Litmos customers who do not have eCommerce enabled on their accounts yet will need to take a quick look at our Help Guide to set it up, then you too will have a course listing page.

The reason why we’ve built this new feature is to provide our Litmos customers with an effective way to advertise and publicize the courses that they spend so much time and effort creating. It’s often just about getting the word out there to potential students, and this is just one way to do it.

The next few blog posts will outline more ways to make the course listing page work for you..