Communication, Deadlines & Alerts!

Another weekend, another Litmos upgrade and this release raises the bar in terms of communication within an online training system.

Litmos Messages
Litmos Messages is a major enhancement to the system and will benefit both trainers and trainees by improving the level of communication around training courses.

In its most basic form Litmos Messages works similar to a closed email system whereby trainers and trainees can send messages to each other within Litmos. This is especially useful for companies that don’t give all employees an email address but want to provide a way for employees to contact each other or their supervisors regarding training or knowledge issues.

Litmos Alerts
Using Litmos Messages as a backbone Litmos Alerts provides a way to keep both trainers and trainees on their toes by automatically sending out messages when various events happen.

e.g. When a trainee completes a course or assessment

Trainers can be added to the alerts list on each individual course or assessment to make sure they only get notified about events they are actually interested in.

Daily Progress Updates
By assigning a time limit or deadline to a training course and then adding one or more trainers to the Alerts list for that course, trainers can take advantage of daily progress updates.

Each day an alert message is sent out to trainers notifying them of any trainees that have overdue or outstanding training courses.

Rather than having to seek out this information in the Litmos reports trainers will now be kept up to date with the status of all of the training that they manage on a daily basis.

We have a number of other helpful alerts and message related features due out soon. If you have any ideas for automated notifications that would make your life easier send us an email.