Importing Users in Bulk FAQs

Many questions in regards to importing users in bulk have come into our support queue recently so I wanted to dedicate a blog post to address some of the questions that kept coming up.  When starting your import, I would recommend reading the articles in our help guide.  At that point a few questions may arise, our support team is always happy to answer your questions, however the answers below are likely to answer your question.

Q:  Are there restrictions for the password?

A:  The only password restriction is that it must be at least six characters.  This means that if you want to use the same password for everyone initially, you can.  Or if you want to use some type of algorithm to create a password you can do that too.  As long as it is six characters long.

It is also worth noting that once the user logs in to Litmos for the first time, they will be prompted to reset their password.  So no need to stress to much on what these passwords may be.

Q: Everyone was imported but it didn’t import teams or courses.  What went wrong?

A:  Since courses and team names may be used more than once, without the code the system would otherwise not know which course or team to assign the user to.  Codes for each team and course are automatically created to use to automatically assign courses and teams to users during the import process.

To get this code, navigate to the settings sub tab of the team or course.  Listed on the right will be a code highlighted in yellow and in bold.  Copy this code and paste it into the appropriate cell of your spreadsheet.

Q:  Do all fields need to be filled out in the template?

A:  No.  The only required fields are username, first name, and last name.

Q:  Which field(s) must be unique to the user?

A:  The username is the only field that must be unique to the user.  The first and last name and all other fields may be duplicated.

For example, if you have two John Smiths, each may have the first name of John and the last of Smith.  However, since the username must be unique you will not be able to use their names to create a username.  Therefore, instead of using jsmith as a username, you can change it to jsmith1 and jsmith2.

Using email addresses as usernames is a great way of preventing this possible problem when uploading a large number of people.

Q:  I want to prepare my Litmos to go live by importing users and assigning them to teams and courses.  But I don’t want them to be able to login and start taking courses.  How can I achieve this?

A:  When you do a bulk import, before you select the Import button, be sure to uncheck the “Send a login email to each user that is successfully imported” (this check mark is located above the Import button).  Once users are imported, if you assign a course or a team to the user, be sure to uncheck the email notification box during this action as well.

Once you are ready to make the system live, navigate to the People tab and select Send Login email from the right.

Note:  Disabling the “Send email notifications” in the user’s profile will not necessary block all email notifications.

Q: Can I export users from the system?

A.  Yes.  However, this process is much different from the import process.

To export a list of users, navigate to the People Quick Report within Reports.  If desired, change the Date range to All Results and click Download this report.  Title the report and change the format to CSV, which will allow you to import this list into a wide variety of software, and click Run.

Q:  I have the Access Role of Team Leader and I am having problems bulk importing users.  What am I doing wrong?

Team Leaders only have the ability to import users into a team they are a team leader for.  To solve the issue, you will need to insert a team code (located in the Settings sub tab within the team) into the Teams column.