Introducing Badging, Points, and Reporting

NEW FEATURESWhile preparing to introduce our new Litmos features for the first week of October, I came across a post I wrote back in May of 2013 titled 10 Things I learned at C3 2013.  Although the post is focused on CallidusCloud’s C3 conference (Litmos’s parent company) there is a huge emphasis on the importance of Gamification.

Looking back to this conference, one of the most memorable moments was watching Jane McGonigal speak about games, and how they can be used in accomplishing a task and change the way the world works.  She talked about how games simulate certain parts of the brain and encourages learning.

CallidusCloud, as an organization, has used Gamification to encourage sales individuals to work harder at achieving sales goals.  Seeing this in action with other CallidusCloud products, and how Gamification is helping to shape eLearning, gave the Litmos team the push to include elements of Gamification.

Now that I have made my point about the importance of Games and Gamification, on to the good stuff:  the new features!

Badges/ Gamification/ CEUs (Continuing Education Units)

We have added a feature that enables Gamification and/or CEUs.  The first step in adding this functionality is to enable it and create Badges or Points from the Integrations subtab in the Account tab.  In order for a learner to earn a badge and/or points, they will need to complete all Courses and/or Learning Paths associated with the it.

Once this functionality has been set up, when learners take the courses necessary to earn the Badge/Points, they will be able to see this in their Achievements tab.  Administrators will also be able to see all Badges and Points earned by the Learner in each Learner’s profile as well as in the Quick Reports area of the People tab.

See our help guide for more information on setting up Gamification.

Achievements with Dashboard


In my excitement about introducing Badging and Points, I should not forget about the enhancements to reporting that will make many of our Administrators extremely happy.  For this release, we put a huge focus on reporting.

  • All quick reports can now be scheduled to be periodically emailed to any email address including non users.
  • Additional columns have been added for all Quick Reports.  Additional columns include points and number of badges to the People Quick Report
  • Learning Paths, People, Courses, and Teams reports have been enhanced to aggregate the most meaningful metrics display up top for a quick overview.
  • Charts View has been added to these reports for further visualization of the data.Course Quick Report Chart View

Other Features

  • Add Team Attribute to SAML
  • Assessment Results – Additional option to show only group results to learners
  • Bulk Mark Users as Complete
  • Don’t allow users to reset their password from Profile & Settings


Bug Fixes

In every release we include fixes to the bugs that we are aware of.  If you have a question about a particular bug or to report a bug, please contact