June Release – User Checklists, Enhanced Salesforce Integration, and Dropbox Integration


I love announcing new features!  And our most recent was particularly exciting for me.  Although I am always excited to see new features added to Litmos, this release included some features that are going to enhance the way a large amount of Litmos customers and future customers use Litmos.

User Checklists

We have added a new module type called User Checklists.  When creating a User Checklist module, different list items can be added that will need to be checked off in order to complete the module.  Depending on the settings, the completion status of the module is determined by either a learner or an administrator marking all the items as completed.

I am particularly excited about this feature because it was built with the intention of solving many of the feature requests we see.   Below are just a few use cases for this feature:

  • Ask permission to access course
  • Create a Terms and Conditions for each course
  • Enhance live training without needing a scheduled event
  • Have a user notify Admins that they uploaded a document to an external drive
  • Evaluate a learner on their performance
  • Have an Admin assess if a learner has completed certain tasks

What other ways will you use this feature?

Checklist feature






Enhanced Salesforce Integration Features

As one of the only LMSs that provide a Salesforce App, it is important to us to have an amazing Salesforce integration.  For this reason, we are constantly adding features to result in the tightest integration possible.

What have we added to our learning management system for Salesforce App in this release?  You can now push Contact, Partner, and Community records from Salesforce into Litmos LMS and assign them to Courses and Teams. This is the first phase in adding functionality to contact records and you should expect to be seeing quite a bit more.

Dropbox Integration

There is now an option to add documents from Dropbox into a Page of Information or a Link module.  When enabled, this feature will create a link to a shared file or document that is hosted on Dropbox.