Litmos API Upgrade

This is one for the developers out there that connect their systems to the Litmos API.

Just a quick heads up that we pushed out some enhancements to the Litmos API today. The changes include additional fields on both the User and Course objects.


You can now get, create and update the following fields:
  • Street1
  • Street2
  • City
  • State
  • PostalCode
  • Country
  • CompanyName
  • JobTitle
  • CustomField1
  • CustomField2
  • CustomField3
  • Password – You can’t get this one but you can create/update passwords


  • ForSale – indicates if the course is currently for sale


Special Field on both User & Course:
  • OriginalId – This field will be useful when upgrading to our API v2.0 which is due our later this year. You can also use the OriginalId for a course to take a user straight to a course on the single sign on process rather than them going to the learner home page.
For more detail please see: