Re-vamped reporting – new reports, filters & more options you’re going to love

As of October 13, 2012, the new reporting area will be released in to the wild…or at least to all live Litmos accounts!

Our development team have been working overtime getting the Quick Reports area re-vamped so that we now offer you more information that ever before. We want to feed you interesting facts about your courses and learners, rather than have you go looking for it.

This blog post will give you a look at what’s coming, the new look ‘n feel, the cool new filters and options available, plus some new reports that we know you’ll love.

Re-vamped quick reporting

First up, it’s worth pointing out that the current ‘Quick Reports’ you see were the original Litmos reports. As in, the only ones available when we started out. Although they have of course been upgraded over the years, it was definitely time to re-vamp their look and functionality. We have listened to your feedback and added new reports, graphics, and additional filtering that you should find very useful.

New assessment module analytics

Now here’s the report that will make a lot of Litmos clients very happy – the new assessment module report! With this one you can view the reporting information from an Assessment module and immediately see which questions stand out as the most difficult ones that are tripping up your learners. You will also be able to instantly see any marking that needs to be done and average time taken on the module.



New module reports

Now on all module reports you’ll see a nice graphic defaulting to activity in the past 30 days, as well as the option to change the date range at the top, search through your list of modules using the search box, and download your report to a PDF or .csv format. The nice thing about the new PDF download is that all graphics will come with the information to give you a pretty snazzy looking report you can take straight in to that important meeting.



Date range filtering on every report

Every report that you create defaults to show a 30 day activity period. However, by simply clicking on the ‘Date Range’ drop-down in the top right corner you have access to a whole lot more options, as shown below:

If you are in a Courses report and select ‘All results’ from the date range, you will have further options to filter down to show just active courses or both active and inactive courses. Then you can go further to select courses that have been completed by all assigned learners, still have users incomplete, or those that require marking:

Login activity report

Another report that you will see in the new reporting area, that has also been a hot request from Litmos customers, is one that shows who has logged in and when, but often more importantly, who has never logged in!


There are a lot more features coming out, but this should give you an idea of what to expect from next weeks big release. If you have any questions at all about the new reports area please send us an email at: