Salesforce Integration: How to Optimize Learning the Smart Way

Getting the best results from your learning program doesn’t depend solely on the quality of your content.  As often as not, it’s the overall experience – from accessing learning material to performance improvements, in addition to the content – that determines the success of a learning program. So how do you optimize the entire experience? It’s simple really, we have developed an integration tool with Salesforce that allows you to take advantage of the Salesforce framework to promote and optimize your learning programs, quickly and easily.

How the Litmos / Salesforce Integration Works

The Litmos LMS for Salesforce is available in the Salesforce App Exchange and can be downloaded in one quick and easy step. Once you have downloaded the App, all users will be able to see the Litmos Tab within the Salesforce Window. It’s that simple! By making Litmos available within the Salesforce environment, the integration provides easy access to all your course material and high visibility in a high-use software environment.  It also features single sign-on access that saves time and eliminates the hassle of requiring multiple logins and passwords. Not only does this integration provide easy access to learning, it helps you access and analyze important information.  The integration allows you to sync training records with Salesforce reporting.  You can view training history on any user’s Salesforce profiles and draw correlations between completed training and sales performance.

What if I don’t use Salesforce?

Not a Salesforce customer?  No problem!  Many of our customers utilize our API to integrate with their systems, in fact, we receive over 10 million API requests per month.  Additionally, we are working on developing integrations with other leading software providers and in fact, already have completed our one-step integration for Shopify and Okta.