Litmos Announces Boost! Spaced Repetition Solution

iwatch learning management system lmsThis week Litmos announced the Litmos® Boost app for wearable and mobile computing devices including the Apple Watch.

The application, unveiled at CallidusCloud’s annual C3 Conference in Las Vegas, NV, will allow users of the Litmos learning management system to receive “booster” questions and reminders through their Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone and Android devices, reinforcing the value of learning.

The app allows learning professionals to set up a set of small “booster” questions that can be delivered at intervals to remind training participants of key takeaways.

Administrators and managers can define learning boosts for content and frequency, assess knowledge retention over time, and refine learning strategy and assignments.

It’s an exciting solution that will help training professionals put the theory of spaced repetition into practice. Courses will begin to take on new structures that include the delivery of smaller chunks of learning content over time. The industry has been talking about this for many years as a theory. But now we have a tool to apply it in the training work we do.

If you will be in Orlando at the ATD event next week, stop by booth 435 and talk to the team about Litmos Boost.