Litmos with SalesForce Integration Puts Training Into Context

Litmos Salesforce lms integration

Putting sales training into the context of sales work is your golden ticket to success. With your Litmos LMS integrated with Salesforce your sales team can work and learn within one platform while reducing expenses and positively impacting the bottom line.

56% reduction in travel costs when using eLearning to present materials. – Litmos Stats

Your sales team values their time to sell more than they value your training. This means sales enablement, and training teams, need to make every minute count. Sales teams are motivated to learn, but don’t appreciate having their time wasted with long traditional training sessions, or jumping around from one application to the next. There’s a better way. It’s about putting dynamic, digital, self-paced, learning content into the context of their workflow. The Litmos with Salesforce integration gives you the capability to get it done.

85% of sales reps employ skills learned in a dynamic training environment. – CSO Insights Sales Effectiveness Series

Not only is training integrated with workflow the best solution for learners, but training administrators appreciate the workflow integration as well. Litmos and Salesforce have combined their innovative strengths to provide you with a true learn-as-you-work training process for all levels of the organization. Litmos is the only agile learning and training software application featured on the Salesforce Appexchange.

Some Litmos LMS benefits include:

  1. Native learning tabs allowing instant access to all courses
  2. Assign training to contacts, partners, and communities
  3. Create reports and dashboards that integrate sales performance and training completions
  4. Track course completions and certification in one place
  5. Flag users and contacts for user creation and assignment of courses in Litmos
  6. Create rules that govern the assignment of training to employees based on Salesforce roles

Climate Corp. Case Study

After looking at several LMS options, the team chose to go with Litmos because of its attractive UI and the ability to integrate with Salesforce so the sales team can easily assign and manage trainings for the Climate Corporation’s network of over 1600 dealers.

Since Climate Pro is an advanced product, it’s crucial that dealers have training materials at their fingertips and available when it’s most needed. Litmos was also able to help customize the LMS integration with Salesforce so contact records of all Salesforce contacts were correctly synced up within Litmos. This enables data for transfer to and from both applications. Read more about Climate Corp’s use of Litmos with Salesforce integration.