Choose Litmos employee training software to train employees on the move

Employee training software is most effective when in addition to easily tracking course allocations and completions, they can also optimize the course contents.

Litmos’ employee training software not only enables managers and trainers to create online courses easily and effectively, it allows them to conduct a full 360-degree assessments on the performance and tracking of training courses and the users. This mobile employee training software rates high for the following reasons:

  • Assess course and its effectiveness.
  • Track all answers given on a SCORM or assessment module.
  • Send email to the user in the appropriate language.
  • Set language in the user’s profile and settings.

Litmos employee training software has quick reports built in to easily access while on the move!

Investing in educating them gives these employees the tools they need to be as successful as they – and you – hope they’ll be. Take a look at the online training available through Litmos learning management system. Whether you’re looking for out-of-the-box courses to train your employees, or a system to manage your training, a free 14-day trial of the platform will show you results and you’ll be up and running in no time.[:in]

Performance Evaluation Reviews

Employee evaluation comments are extremely valuable for individuals who are liable for evaluating employees that work under them. Constructing powerful performance phrases can be a bit challenging for some people. In this article, I will provide you with some employee evaluation comments that you will be able to use next time you need to administer a review.

Employee evaluation comments are a critical part in today’s professional settings. The Human Resources department along with the employee’s manager are usually the responsible parties of an employee’s performance on an annual basis. Every company has a different systematic approach to the way they handle performance evaluation reviews and comments in order to evaluate their employees strengths and weaknesses. Many times, the HR department has the employee fill out a self-evaluation form, that usually allows the manager to see what their employee thinks about himself or herself. Below are several employee evaluation comments you can choose from to use in your evaluation:

  • Time Management and Punctuality
  • Stress Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership and Team Building

The more you know from your employees, the lower your risk of employee turnover, compliance fines, and costly re-hiring expenses. Every year companies pay out millions in legal fees for HR-related claims. Educating employees on expected standards and professional conduct is the first step in ensuring that your company and its staff don’t become another statistic.