Online Employee Training is the New Black!

More than ever, human resources departments for companies worldwide are focusing and investing heavily on new employee training and development. It has proven to motivate employees and keep the attrition rate low. Companies committed to employee development also provide opportunities for them to enhance their skill sets through a number of continuing education programs without giving up productivity. Online blended training programs play a huge role in serving this dual purpose.

New Employee Training Systems

Currently, there is a trend to provide quality practice training to all employees in the organization. As part of the process, more recently, compliance training has taken center stage and has moved online for many reasons, one of the most compelling reasons being the ability to maintain an accurate record of employee training progress and results.

Litmos – The New Employee Training Management System

A large percentage of Litmos customers use the online training platform to deliver compliance training messages to employees, as well as other more specialized business, social, and technical courses.

A flexible platform such as Litmos allows companies to scale on-demand with the varying rate of their hiring velocity. Through Litmos, managers can identify the training needs for their employees, assign them accordingly, and can track the completions centrally for all their employees. Litmos makes it easy, quick, when-needed and as-needed, and most importantly without additional internal support. It’s no surprise that more and more customers worldwide are embracing Litmos everyday for their new employee on-boarding.

So, how can you get started – Today.

We have worked to make it easy for you. In three simple steps, you can join your global peers to take advantage of the world’s leading learning management system – Litmos. You can create your very own personal account with Litmos. That’s it. You can then enjoy the power and flexibility of Litmos with a completely FREE trial for 14 days, with no strings attached. Why wait? let’s get going – NOW!