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Get the Free eBook

Embracing Disruption: Learning about Digital Transformation

Technology has changed our world. Everything is different than it was even 10 years ago; we travel differently, order food differently, work differently, and learn differently. But, if your team is like many others, you may experience some resistance to adopting and adapting to new technologies. People may hope that things just stay “as they’ve always been.”

As nostalgic as that may seem, it’s not likely that your business won’t have to change and embrace digital transformation. For help making the transition, as well as links to off-the-shelf courses, download the latest eBook from Litmos, Embracing Disruption: Learning about Digital Transformation.

You’ll learn:

  • The definition of digital disruption
  • The importance of being agile
  • How to use data to your advantage
  • Benefits of AI and machine learning
  • Ideas for using training for transformation

You can make it easier to make the digital transformation! Get the eBook now.