L&D Made Easy: Your Guide to Impactful Lean L&D

No matter the size of your organization, Learning and Development (L&D) is a critical tool for boosting productivity, improving morale, and reducing staff turnover.

Employees are hungry for continuous learning opportunities and leaders now know that L&D initiatives are no longer optional, but mission critical to drive performance and retain top talent. According to the latest research, 57% of workers report pursuing training outside of their organizations, 78% have expressed concern about gaining career skills, and 64% state that they are likely to leave their positions for more training and career mobility.

But how can teams with limited L&D budgets, resources, or infrastructure rise to the challenge to create comprehensive, high-impact L&D programs? The answer may be taking a “lean L&D” approach. Lean L&D focuses on creating relevant and targeted training that meets learner and business needs while optimizing L&D resources.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How to build a lean L&D program
  • How to identify learning objectives and take a skills-based approach to lean L&D across the enterprise
  • How to tailor lean L&D to industry-specific needs and requirements
  • How to get leadership buy-in for your L&D program
  • How to ensure compliance fits into lean L&D
  • How Litmos learning solutions have improved L&D for customers

At Litmos, we’re on a mission to empower individual, team, and organizational success through innovative learning solutions by making L&D more accessible, scalable, and effective for everyone.

Taking a lean approach to L&D can help you and your teams focus on what matters most to your organization by identifying the most relevant and highest-priority skills and competencies to train for. With the strategic insights found in this eBook, your team can take the first steps toward building a high-impact, lean L&D strategy and make L&D easy!

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