Winning Strategies for an Evolving Sales Landscape

Salespeople have always had to adapt to shifting economic and technological norms — but the economic downturn and the rise of remote work present a new set of unprecedented challenges for sales teams across a variety of industries.

In this virtual presentation and Q&A, speakers Christie Bacchus, director of product marketing, and Kendrah Wick, director of sales development for Litmos, will discuss how sales leaders can empower their sales teams to adapt to these new realities through continuous learning and enablement.

This session will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Challenges facing salespeople in an evolving sales landscape.
  • Developing an agile sales team through coaching and training.
  • How soft skills like problem solving, critical thinking and active listening can empower sales teams.
  • Best practices for cross-functional alignment.
  • Goals to prioritize in your sales training strategy.

Watch the recording.