Celigo Utilizes Litmos LMS to Increase Product Adoption and Accelerate ROI

celigo lms salesforce integrationWe’re always happy to promote customer successes here at Litmos and this latest story is a strong one, especially if you’re looking to learn more about integration with Salesforce and custom integration(s) via an API.

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Please meet Celigo, Litmos customer and SAP partner

Celigo is the leading enterprise-wide Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) provider for the mid-market. Named a G2 Best Software for 2021, Celigo enables breakaway growth, controlled cost management, and superior customer experiences by ensuring that every process – at any level of the organization – can be automated in the most optimal way. Celigo’s mission is to make automation as simple as possible by enabling anyone in the enterprise to build or deploy integrations.

Before having an on-demand global learning solution, Celigo’s internal resources were at capacity trying to meet the training demands of their global users. Subject matter experts spent hours teaching all users the ins-and-outs of their product. Celigo saw an opportunity to automate and scale operations with the help of an LMS like Litmos.

As an integration company, Celigo was excited to find an LMS that had open APIs, as well as standard and customizable fields for integration builds. This allows Celigo to use their own integration platform to leverage data from the LMS, aggregate that data with intel from other solutions, automate information sharing, and push that data across multiple systems.

Integrating Litmos and Salesforce

Leveraging the Salesforce package, Celigo was able to immediately get key analytics and data they needed to start sharing learner engagement across the different systems. Additionally, Celigo has been able to supplement the prebuilt, out-of-the-box solution offered by Litmos with 20+ custom integrations to automate key activities.

For example, partners automatically receive an email via Salesforce with a direct link to their unique certification and an attachment with a digital badge once they pass an exam. Also, once a contract receives final approval, customers are automatically assigned their prerequisite and learning courses via the integration. This has enhanced the customer’s experience by providing immediate and frictionless access to their onboarding training courses which allows them to kickstart their implementation process. Since Celigo has a large suite of product offerings, the integration between Litmos’ LMS and Salesforce eliminated any possible errors that could have been made due to the manual work that was involved with enrolling users into courses.

The power of custom LMS integrations

In addition to Salesforce, Celigo has been able to leverage Litmos’ open APIs to build out custom integrations into their CRM tool, which has saved 40+ hours of manual work per week. They also estimated a cost savings of $1.8M in the first 18-months based on how many live training resources were not needed due to the on-demand training the University provided to their global user base. Also, by creatively using Litmos data, they have helped surface leads for the sales team and provided their Customer Success team with actionable insights into a customer’s onboarding and implementation progress.

Celigo noted that they also chose Litmos LMS as their solution because of the reporting, analytics, and gamification (badging and certificates). In addition to all of the features they loved, they expressed that a big factor was how amazing their Account Executive was to work with!

Higher global solution adoption and ROI

Intending to increase product adoption and accelerate ROI by providing on-demand learning content available globally, Celigo makes their university available to all employees, prospects, customers, and partners. With more than 2,000  active global monthly users and four core administrators, the team at Celigo utilizes most of the LMS features available to them to help meet their goals.

Celigo cited impressive statistics in their first year using Litmos, proving the value of automating their learning processes. The learning team launched Litmos Training in April 2020 and by end of that year, they saw 13k+ courses and 1300+ certifications achieved. By the end of Q1 2022, they had already achieved 63K+ courses and 6500+ certifications. As of now, they  have 1600+ active courses and 115+ Learning Paths for consumption.

In addition to creating hundreds of their own proprietary courses and content pieces, Celigo University also allows all learners to utilize Litmos’ off-the-shelf courses.

Please read the full success story here or watch a quick video overview.