Plan Your Compliance Training for 2024

Litmos Compliance Training Calendar

No matter your industry, providing timely and relevant compliance training is critical for helping your employees understand their responsibilities and protect themselves from potential legal risks. Litmos makes it easy for employers to reach their annual compliance training goals by offering an extensive catalogue of pre-built compliance courses. However, leaders tasked with building a learning calendar for compliance may not know where to start. If this sounds familiar, we’re here to help you plan your 2024 compliance training program!

Get monthly compliance training reminders and suggestions

Your Litmos 2024 Compliance Training Calendar is Here!

Downloading the Litmos 2024 Compliance Training calendar gives you access to a year’s worth of compliance-related holidays, as well as recommendations for the most relevant Litmos training courses per month. Whether you are a Litmos customer looking to explore your compliance training options, or an organizational leader seeking a little bit of compliance inspiration for the year ahead, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a sneak peek at a couple of the January 2024 holidays and course recommendations included in this year’s calendar:

January 2024 Compliance-Related Holidays:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (U.S.)
International Data Privacy Day

January 2024 Recommended Litmos Courses:

Racial Inclusion in the Workplace
Leading Learning – Data Protection and Privacy

More about this resource

Litmos 2024 Compliance Calendar is an .ics file that anyone on your team can download to receive calendar reminders about compliance-related holidays, as well as recommendations for Litmos courses that correspond with those holidays.