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Sir Lennington’s Handbook of L&D Etiquette & Manners

20 Essential Rules for Learning Mastery

Welcome to the home of Sir Lennington’s Handbook of L&D Etiquette & Manners. You are cordially invited to access this essential guide by simply clicking on the provided link on this page. Indeed, we do applaud your interest in seeking to refine your skills of gentility. You are surely a person of excellent taste and grace, and one whose manners shall only continue to fortify!

Contents include:

Etiquette rules for purveyors of Learning & Development programs, including:

  • Implement in a Timely Fashion
  • Intermingle with Worthy Wares
  • Dare Not Overindulge in Design
  • And many more…

Etiquette rules for learners in the polite society of a business, including:

  • Game Heartily but Humbly
  • Consume in Modest Quantities
  • Comply with Utmost Courtesy
  • And many more