Slaying the Monster: Success Stories in Delivering Learning ROI

Measuring learning ROI has always been the Achilles heel of most organizations.

With all the emphasis on assessing the impact of learning on individuals and businesses over the past few years, only 27% of organizations believe they are proficient, 2023 Brandon Hall Group™ research shows.

Part of the problem is that learning ROI is often discussed in the abstract or in terms of measurement models: “Do you use Kirkpatrick or Phillips? Brinkerhoff or Kaufman?”

While great learning measurement has common components, success depends largely on tailoring strategy and tactics to specific situations. One size does not fit all. In this webinar, we shed the academic approach and lingo and get down to business. You will view several specific, real-life examples and see how these organizations slayed the measurement monster.

Join Jen Jackson, VP of Global Customer Experience at Litmos, and Claude Werder, Senior VP and Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, as they look at specific success stories in several different contexts. You will learn how companies gained insight on ROI for:

  • Extended enterprise learning
  • Training sales and service teams
  • Improving the skills of technical service workers
  • Certification programs

Watch the recording now.