Active Learning and Creating Courses that Facilitate Active Learning in Your Organization

It’s entirely possible to create active learning online courses for your training needs. Just because learning is taking place in an electronic environment, the sky is the limit for your creative instructional design. You can utilize a blended learning approach and incorporate many different types of interactivity within the scope of your online courses. To adequately take advantage of this functionality, you will need a type of learning management system (LMS) software to house your content and establish a point of access for your learners.

Passive or Active Learning Online Courses

It’s a common misconception that eLearning is simply the same training courses that you would deliver in a classroom and presented in an online environment. While this is done at times, it’s not the objective of eLearning. If you do this, you end up with an entirely passive course that is no different than if you had sent the student an email or asked them to read a book on the subject.

Active learning online courses require that students are engaged with the material and interact with it in some way. By this, they are answering questions on content before continuing on in the course. They might be navigating from screen to screen, or going back to review something that they feel they missed. Students have some element of control over the process and they are engaged with the material from start to finish.

Benefits of Using an LMS

An LMS is a type of powerful software that can use to store all of your online learning courses. Students can log into the system and complete any courses you have assigned to them. Because this software is so robust, you can utilize many different types of eLearning content. An LMS gives you a single point of entry for students and training coordinators alike. Typically, the interface is basic enough that anyone who can navigate the internet can use it.

Try an LMS

If you’re still not completely convinced that you want to purchase an LMS, take advantage of the free trial offered by Litmos. This powerful piece of software is popular with businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions all over the world. Give it a try today and see how you can utilize LMS functionality for your active learning online courses.