A corporate learning management system, usually referred to as a “corporate LMS,” is a software platform that allows training professionals within a company to manage their training program from one centralized place. Thanks to a corporate LMS, you can house, deliver, and track all your corporate training content, review employee progress, identify strengths and weaknesses in your materials, and much more. Easily handle all your employee education while you can focus on your company’s growth, revenue, and success!

Corporate learning management systems are varied, but most modern ones replace the paper tests and in-person instructors of the past with virtual learning, flexibility, and scalability that fits the average corporate employee’s workday and schedule.

Keep reading to learn exactly how a corporate LMS can improve your company’s enterprise learning, why you might need one, and key features you may be interested in.

How Does a Corporate LMS Work?

With modern learning management systems, convenience is key. That’s why corporate LMSs bring together learning environments that had previously been separate, like virtual, in-person, mobile, and social learning.

Stakeholders in a company’s employee training like HR teams and safety and compliance managers can use a corporate learning management system to collaborate, distribute, and track training courses for an entire organization – no matter how big or small.

Whether you’re a mega-corporation with thousands of employees across the globe or a burgeoning start-up, a corporate LMS can help to get your employees up to speed on whatever materials you want: orientation, a new product launch, compliance, or whatever else. Develop a variety of training, from slides, videos, quizzes, and more, distribute them virtually, and track their progress from the convenience of your LMS platform.

Why You Need a Corporate LMS

Any company can thrive with a powerful and comprehensive learning management system. Here are a few reasons your organization can use one:

  • You can build out courses (in full) online. A good corporate LMS will provide tons of different creation tools that support multiple formats. Text, images, videos, quizzes, games, you name it.
  • Corporate LMSs cut down on time spent training employees. Everything is centralized, including creation, storage, organization, and deployment.
  • A corporate LMS also cuts training costs by removing the need for things like in-person seminars, training days, and outside instructors.
  • Employees – and stakeholders – can access a cloud-based corporate LMS from anywhere. Employees can start their training on their desktop computer and then pick up where they left off on their mobile device.
  • Some corporate LMSs also have gamification, allowing you to incentivize employees to complete their training through achievements, badges, points, and much more.
  • You can easily track educational progress through various reports and dashboards. See performance, gain insights, and determine where learning barriers may be.
  • If your company has employees with overlapping roles or duties, you can create individualized training materials to help.
  • Materials coming out of a corporate learning management system are consistent. Instead of distributing courses and training from multiple sources, your employees will receive them from one place – that way you can count on the quality.

Are You Ready to See What All the Hype is About?

When contemplating the introduction of a new corporate learning management system, there are many factors to consider. Every enterprise has their own unique needs. It is critical to find an LMS that can provide attributes that are in sync with your training goals. Luckily, Litmos can provide almost any feature you might need from a corporate LMS. Litmos, an award-winning, cloud-based LMS provider, supports you wherever you are in your current training program. Here are just a few functions that Litmos can bring to the table:

    • Site and Online Course Customization
    • eLearning Course Building
    • Multimedia Integration
    • Updating Capabilities
    • Multi-language Support

With more than 30 million users and customers including Mercedes-Benz and Coca-Cola, Litmos has the capability and experience to meet your every training need. From large corporations to a new local business, Litmos can help create effective and holistic corporate training experiences for all your employees. Sign up for a free, live demo and see how smooth a corporate LMS can be.