Medical and Healthcare services are really leading the pack when it comes to innovation in online learning. In a 24/7 industry, a well-implemented online learning system offers the flexibility to fit in with the learner’s and the admin’s schedule. Ultimately, it also benefits the organization by reducing costs and improving operations.

The infrastructure is already there
The US Healthcare industry is perfectly suited to online training delivery as it encompasses a broad range of training topics, many of which are in-service and regulatory courses required by the US Federal agency Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). While reporting learner performance and results may not be the number one concern in other industries, it certainly is for this compliance-focused one. Plus, a recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) report found that 99% of healthcare facilities already have access to a fast broadband connection, which means they are already set up with the primary tool needed to facilitate an online learning program.


Healthcare is going mobile
Being such an on-the-go industry too, it’s important to find an online learning system that facilitates a mobile workforce. With reports now showing as many as 4 out of 5 doctors will buy an iPad during 2011 / 2012, it’s imperative that your learning solution works just as well on a desktop computer as it does on a mobile device or tablet.


Top 5 reasons to move Healthcare training online:

  • You can rapidly deploy a training curriculum to field-based personnel
  • Provide an information repository that’s accessible 24/7 by desktop or mobile
  • Automatic tracking and reporting on learner activity
  • Quick and easy to update information in courses
  • Free up your IT staff from maintenance and support