What e-learning online courses can do for you

The trend for learning outside the classroom continues to grow and eLearning online courses are extremely popular. Offering online learning courses for your program might be much easier than you think. If you are interested in expanding your training curriculum to allow for eLearning online courses, you simply need to invest in some software that will work for your needs. Finding the right software doesn’t have to be complicated, provided that you understand the different types and how costs are calculated.

e-Learning Software

The software used to house eLearning online courses is known as a learning management system (LMS). An LMS provides a single point of entry for both learners and training administrators who will be utilizing the system. The LMS will house your training content as well as track all activities related to your training program. You can administer tests or evaluations, utilized blended learning technology, and set up discussion boards for your users. Any reports related to training data can be available with the touch of a button.

Types of LMS Software

There are two different types of LMS software on the market that have tremendous differences between them. It’s important to know what is included in the price you are paying.

Vendor-Supported LMS: This software is sold as an off-the-shelf product that is ready to use the day you buy it. Rather than purchase the software, you purchase a subscription to use the software. You simply load your users, content, and add a company logo to get started. Any technical problems or troubleshooting is handled by the vendor throughout the life of the subscription.

Open Source LMS: If you feel you need unlimited personalization options, this may be the software you need. It’s sold with the programming left open so you can finish it based on your specific organizational needs. It requires a labor intensive IT support from start to finish, as well as throughout the life of the LMS.

Choosing an LMS

Even if you know what type of LMS you want, narrowing down the selection still takes some time and effort. Litmos has a vendor-supported LMS that is used by millions of people across the world. Sign up for a free trial subscription to see why so many users love it. You may very well find that this is the platform you need for your eLearning online courses.