The breakthrough innovation of mobile learning tools

Using technology to extend learning isn’t new.  We can look back and see a steady stream of innovations that begun with the first electric light bulb, with each new transformation extending the reach of learning to new audiences and outcomes.

Along the way, the core tenets of education have remained mostly unchanged, but the ways learning gets delivered have been revolutionized at least once a generation. While computer assisted-learning management systems helped scale 1-to-many learning while also driving personalization, mobile learning software and learning management systems take that access and flexibility to a new level.  This means huge benefits for both the organization and the learner.

The benefits of mobile learning

Cloud-powered, mobile-ready learning management systems offer dramatic advantages of old ways of teaching and learning, including traditional computer-based training (CBT) systems.   They create opportunities for rich, dynamically effective learning that’s also consistent and cost-effective.

For students, large open global classrooms transcend the limitations of small, teacher-led classrooms with effective and accessible coursework and curricula. Other benefits include:

  • Richer learning content, including multimedia
  • More engaging quizzes and interactive elements
  • Proven increase in material retention and assessment scores
  • The convenience of anytime, anywhere, any-device access
  • A consistent, predictable learning experience across different courses
  • The possibility of working at their own pace and toward unique learning goals

For educators, trainers and human resource development (HRD) professionals the same mobile learning tools can extend the reach and impact of the courses they deliver, letting them worry less about tools and focusing their time on learning outcomes. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Easier authoring of media-rich, SCORM-compliant course content
  • No dedicated IT staff or infrastructure required
  • Unified communications between educators and learners
  • Easy, up-to-date visibility into student progress (and integrated reporting)
  • The ability to customize learning paths based on performance and priorities
  • Seamless updating of coursework based on requirements

Whether the mobile learning is the primary platform or used as a supplement to other educational activities, it’s easy to understand why organizations and schools are quickly moving to embrace mobile learning and the freedom of the cloud.  It helps them make the most of limited time and resources while delivering a superior experience to students, no matter the audience.

Mobile learning for sales

Driving business growth depends on an educated, engaged sales team.  While most leading organizations invest in regular training on products or market developments, it can be costly and complex to start and sustain educational programs that have a demonstrable impact on sales performance.

Sales personnel are ideally highly leveraged, leaving them little time to spend on activities that aren’t directly related to customer conversations and conversions.  Geographically distributed sales teams make the project even harder, give the time and expense required to get everybody gathered in one place at one time.

Mobile-friendly learning management systems make it possible to reach highly valued sales teams with a platform that eliminates the excuses for both sales team and trainers.

  • Sales can access training 24/7 at home or the road
  • Learning can occur at a personalized pace, starting and stopping as schedules allow
  • Digital coursework is easily linked to other required sales and product information like release notes, datasheets, and product-specific whitepapers and briefs
  • In course quizzes and assessments can measure quickly measure retention and accelerate certification

For businesses, the benefits of mobile learning extend past the obvious gains achieved through a more educated and empowered sales force.  Easy customization allows updates:

  • Based on changing compliance or regulatory requirements
  • To introduce new products and services
  • To elevate the ability to up-sell and cross-sell
  • To explain new procedures and programs

Reduce your time to market

When building new programs and services, education is often a significant constraint, since organizations can’t sell what they don’t understand.  A mobile learning system, driven by a cloud-ready learning management system, allows innovative organizations to accelerate their progress to market success.

Selecting a mobile learning system

Deciding to go mobile is the first decision.  The next challenge is choosing the correct platform that enables mobile learning with maximum convenience and customization.  It’s a choice that will impact learning and performance goals for a long time, which makes getting it right essential. Before choosing, make sure you understand:

  • ScalabilityHow does the platform deliver SCORM-com?
  • AccessibilityCan the platform serve content 24/7 to PCs, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones?
  • IntegrationWill the platform play nice with other learning and training tools being used by your school or organization?
  • CustomizationDoes the platform allow fast and easy update of course material based on new requirements and learning realities?

Litmos lets you answer yes to all these questions and more.  Develop and deliver content that directly drives the learning outcomes you know are so important, without all the cost and complexity of other platforms.

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