How to boost your brand through education

The best organizations are driven by enterprise learning. The right learning framework ensures a culture of continuous education and improvement that extends well past management, empowering individual contributors and teams to engage do their best. This means better performance, more focused engagement, and ultimately a better experience for users and customers.

But that’s just the start. The same learning principles that make a difference inside the organization can also extend to external stakeholders, including channel partners and even large customers. By giving all stakeholders access to engaging, relevant learning content, organizations extend the reach of their products and services and boost brand affinity. This is called extended enterprise learning, where traditional learning and development moves from internal function to external outreach and advocacy.

While it’s certainly an admirable goal, moving from aspirational to operational present significant challenges, and all the obstacles to implementing better learning internally are multiplied exponentially. Luckily, eLearning technology offers a path forward. Modern learning management systems reduce many of the risks associated with scaling traditional learning. Best-in-class platforms like Litmos enable organizations to:

  • Turn experts into instructors by helping them produce top notch learning content
  • Lower the cost of delivering training content by reducing hard copy print and ship costs
  • Elevate the quality of learning experiences by producing engaging, interactive learning content
  • Carefully control a consistent brand and learning experience across multiple courses
  • Simplify the IT needs with no dedicated staff or infrastructure required thanks to cloud hosting
  • Enable straightforward learning analytics through integrated reporting

Educated partners are empowered advocates

With Litmos on your side, you can extend your enterprise learning strategy well beyond company walls. That means a single platform to help manage the learning experience of employees, partners, and even customers. It can help turn your experts into world-class educators, producing content that demonstrates their expertise in the most engaging way. That’s why some of the world’s biggest brands, including Coca Cola and Mercedes Benz choose Litmos for their eLearning needs – because our platform lets you focus on learning outcomes, not operational details.

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