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While the value of education is nearly impossible to calculate, the cost of learning is easier to compute.Even when the return on investment is dramatic, traditional training and learning is expensive, and that’s before you add up the price of staff, facilities, and materials.  And, for business training, the cost of taking important staff “off the clock” must also be included.  It’s one reason why businesses don’t do it, even they know they should.

Today, we know more about how and when people learn best.  We better understand different learning styles and strengths, and how a robust mix of content types ensures everybody can find their path to achievement.  We also better understand the dynamics of informal learning, especially what happens when people are empowered to guide their own learning activities.  Finally, we see what happens when learning paths are personalized per user, allowing unique needs to be met with carefully customized opportunities.

How to turn education and training into a brand asset

Even as we better understand this tremendous potential of learning, we also know there are problems with designing learning systems that scale without driving up costs.Additionally, when learning needs change, traditional learning methods make it costly to update materials and messages.  eLearning has helped organizations solve many of these challenges, relying on the power of digital to meet diverse needs with a unified solution. The best learning systems help you turn education into a brand asset by allowing you to:

  • Mix diverse content, from texts to PowerPoint presentations and multimedia
  • Integrate powerful multimedia into content without highly specialized skills or tools
  • Deliver all this content 24/7 to a broad range of devices, from desktop PC to smartphones (especially important for busy consumers and customers)
  • Enable self-registration via the web
  • Track the progress of individual learners across various curricula
  • Get reports on which courses are popular and which might need updating

While we often think of education and training as an internal function, we underestimate the value it can bring to external users and customers.  From product training to domain-driven skills curricula, the gift of education is a powerful tool to help engage, convert, and retain customers. The cost of developing and delivering the training can pay off exponentially over time and increase brand loyalty all along the way.

An online learning management system (LMS) can serve all learners from a single platform.  This allows you to implement a single solution to manage training for new employees, existing employees, partners, and even customers.  It’s a centralized approach to education that lets you achieve “one to many” coverage that would be infinitely more expensive without eLearning.  This is especially true for large, geographically distributed organizations where the travel costs alone would break nearly any modern training budget.

How to select an eLearning platform

Litmos LMS lets you serve multiple audiences with minimum time spent on technology or administration.As a fully SCORM-compliant authoring and delivery platform, Litmos can serve internal training needs while also extending the power of the same learning content to your customers to build brand and boost traffic.  When evaluating Litmos versus our competitors, make sure to understand:

  • Speed of implementation
  • Ease of use for course designers, instructors, administrators, and learners,
  • Customization of look, feel, and overall branding
  • Availability of instructor-led training module
  • Robust
  • Mobile support for different browsers and devices
  • Comprehensive API platform
  • E-commerce capabilities

Regardless of the audiences you’re serving or the learning outcomes you desire, you need to select an LMS that can give you maximum flexibility.  This saves you time up front and lets you expand your course offerings as demand increases.

You’ll find that Litmos was designed to meet all of today’s training needs while offering capabilities that let you take advantage of the latest trends in learning, from self-led learning to gamification.  You won’t just be delivering text on a web page, but immersive and engaging experiences that will benefit both your brand and the learner.

Discover the power behind enterprise learning

A centralized learning system enables you to support all styles of learning and offer different paths for different purposes.  Internal employees might need to be certified across an entire product line, while a customer might only sign up for training on a single product.  Conversely, a consumer might sign up for a whole series of classes around a subject your employees have already mastered.

You can offer courses to either audience for free or a fee.  While free learning is a good way to build brand affinity, depending content you might also be able to create a revenue stream around learning content that’s popular or in high demand.  This is especially true if you’re offering certification or sharing content around anything from exercise to nutrition.

Get started with Litmos

Today’s LMS platforms aren’t changing the goal of education, but they are extending its reach.  If you’re looking to expand training for internal teams or customers, it’s a tremendous opportunity to take your content to another level.  A free 14-day trial with Litmos LMS is the simplest way to experience what’s next in eLearning