Options for Mobile Learning and Why They Matter

With a vast majority of today’s internet users accessing the internet via mobile devices, it only makes sense to develop mobile learning platforms for your eLearning environment. A mobile learning platform allows your eLearning content to be available on the go and wherever your user might be. There are a number of options you can pursue to find the platform that works best for you needs.

Types of Mobile Learning Platforms

Mobile Browser-Capable Website: You can build a mobile version of your eLearning website quickly without a lot of expense. This is an easy option as it will work from any type of mobile device used to access the page. Once built and pushed out to the web, it is available for users in real time without the need for any action on the part of the user. When they visit the site, they will automatically see the mobile version. Updates and maintenance of this option are significantly faster and easier.

Mobile Application: For a more robust user experience with increased graphics capabilities, you may want to consider creating a mobile application. The benefits of this option include a better user experience and the ability to interact with the application even when the device isn’t connected to the internet. The cost of this option is a bit more expensive as you’ll need slightly different programming for each mobile device market. Once you complete the app, you’ll push it out to the app stores where users can download it to their device. It’s also possible for you to include a link from your web page directing them to the appropriate app store where they can obtain the app. It’s a slower and more costly option, but offers a number of benefits to users who will be using the app on a regular basis.

Learning Management System

Regardless of which type of mobile learning platforms you are interested in pursuing, you’ll need a learning management system to handle storing the content and data associated with the eLearning program. There are a number of options available on the market. Litmos has a very popular LMS with an option to try the software for free. Take a look at this LMS option and see if it has the features you need for your mobile learning platform.