Thoughtfully Designing a New Hire Training Program

A good first impression can work wonders.”
— J.K. Rowling

The first few days for a new employee at your organization can have a tremendous impact on the longevity of their employment. One factor of this first on-boarding impression is an enterprise’s new hire training.  Litmos can help you customize a unique and thoughtful training foundation solution. All other training events and online learning experiences will be extensions of this foundational program. This is where you have the most influence to apply your knowledge of your enterprise’s vision, goals and policies.

Litmos will assist you in creating a training program where:

Training is customized for all levels of the company

Certificate Management is monitored, awarded and reported

Mobile Learning allows the training of your employees at their own pace and in their own space

Training Costs are reduced by eliminating the need to produce or purchase expensive training material such as books, binders and other content

A new job is a promise of hope for the future. Do not let that fire diminish; build on that enthusiasm by creating thoughtful and motivating training for your new employees. Let Litmos help you deliver your vision to your newest advocates. See our live demo and start making that first impression today.

So, how can you get started – Today.

We have worked to make it easy for you. You can join your global peers to take advantage of the world’s leading learning management system – Litmos. You can create your very own personal account with Litmos. That’s it. You can then enjoy the power and flexibility of Litmos with a completely FREE trial for 14 days, with no strings attached. Why wait? let’s get going – NOW!