Finding the Best Online Learning Sites for Your Business

Besides providing superior content modules, online learning sites need the capabilities that a dynamic and experienced LMS company can provide. Litmos is such a company.  Litmos will supply all the tools you need to build effective online learning sites. Some attributes you would expect from Litmos are:

  • Individual Learner Training Profiles with a real-time activity feed. Managers can still enjoy bulk import features and administrator access.
  • System Integration – seamlessly use the API to share data and information between other systems and Litmos.
  • eCommerce Integration – sell your own eLearning courses by integrating with Shopify or other eCommerce platform.
  • Analytics Integration using Google Analytic –  track page views and monitor your sales.
  • Reporting and Analytics – monitor the progress of results and compliance goals. along with a powerful set of analytics for both aggregate metrics and individual accomplishment.

These are just a few of the components of a superior online learning site, all of which are supported and created through Litmos. Let go of archaic and un-engaging supporting programs. Try a free demo and get moving with Litmos today.

Try an LMS for Free

Deciding to purchase an LMS for your organization is a big decision. Regardless of the number of benefits involved, if the LMS isn’t user friendly or doesn’t do what you need, it won’t be helpful. Litmos has a vendor-hosted LMS with over one million users worldwide. They provide a free trial of their LMS so that you can see the features and use them first hand before spending any money. Give it a try and see how online learning management systems can make a positive difference for you and your training department.