Information on a Learning Management System for Schools

Now that eLearning is becoming a popular method of facilitating instruction, learning management system for schools is a hot topic. With students completing instruction in the classroom, outside of the classroom, and in a number of self-study options, educational institutions need a way to streamline all of this information in one place. A learning management system (LMS) can help minimize the complicated task of tracking training data by housing it in one easy to use software option.

How Can Schools Benefit From an LMS?

The benefits of an LMS are extensive, but different types of organizations will find specific aspects of an LMS more helpful then others. Some ways that educational institutions will benefit from using an LMS are:

  • Ability to see how much time students spend completing a specific assignment or assessment. Any teacher will appreciate having this information available!
  • Manage multiple classes or groups with separate assignments, scoring, and data tracking for each. Facilitators can keep everything they need in the LMS and eliminate a separate grade book or other systems requirements.
  • Incorporate many different types of training, not just standard slides or quizzes. You can utilize a blended learning approach and add video or interactive elements to your training.
  • Ways for students to communicate with each other and the instructor within the LMS. This can help save time and resources instead of having the same questions asked and answered over and over.

Is an LMS expensive?

Budget concerns are typically at the forefront when considering learning management system for schools. Know that there are multiple types of LMS options on the market and choosing one that is less expensive at first glance isn’t always going to cost less in the long run. Take a look at the differences between an open source and vendor-supported LMS. Sometimes the time and technical investment required with an open source LMS makes it a more expensive option long term, although it may not appear so initially.

Selecting an LMS

Deciding which LMS option you want to use can be a tough decision. Litmos offers a free trial of their vendor-supported LMS. You can try it out with no obligation to purchase and see how easy it is to get up and running. Give it a try and see how a learning management system for your school can make training management significantly easier.