Supporting Your Nonprofit Leadership Training

As an employee of a nonprofit organization, you know the value of being careful with every dollar. One of the ways your organization is rated is how well they manage the funds from their donors. But a nonprofit still has the same organizational needs as any well-run business, including leadership training. A cloud-based learning management system (LMS) is an easy and more cost effective option than traditional training software. Litmos, a leader in the LMS industry, is the optimal choice. With Litmos, your organization can expect to:

  • Generate more revenue – even if your employees are geographically miles apart, you can bring them together philosophically when it comes to your mission and fundraising needs.
  • Easily train employees and volunteers – Litmos’ LMS will provide effective, flexible training that is available from any mobile device
  • Track participation and effectiveness – measure the success and effectiveness of your courses.  Stay in touch with the professional development goals and needs of your leadership staff

The leadership team of your nonprofit organization has their work cut out for them. They need to run a successful business, be accountable to their donors, and remain focused on the higher mission of their enterprise. Finding effective leadership training should not take up precious time and energy. See our live demo and learn to rely on Litmos; we’ve got this.

We have worked to make it easy for you. You can join your global peers to take advantage of the world’s leading learning management system – Litmos. You can create your very own personal account with Litmos. That’s it. You can then enjoy the power and flexibility of Litmos with a completely FREE trial for 14 days, with no strings attached. Why wait? let’s get going – NOW!