Online Learning for Non-Profit Organizations

One of the best ways to help a cause is through education.  However, education efforts can be costly, ineffective or worse, both.  With online learning, you can minimize cost for maximum educational reach.

How can you use online learning to increase your efforts?

  • Offer courses as a give-away for donations or to contributors.
  • Sell courses related to your subject matter as a way to create revenue.
  • Share your knowledge to the world to encourage the public to get involved.
  • Educate workers and volunteers in the most cost effective manner possible.

How can Litmos help your non-profit organization?

  • Import SCORM, PowerPoint presentations, videos and many more types of content. It may be created fresh or repurposed.
  • Allow users to self sign-up for courses for maximum reach.
  • Built in ecommerce features for selling courses.
  • Manage compliance dates.
  • Report and track course progress.
  • It’s scalable whether your training a few people or few thousand people.
  • Manage courses for employees, volunteers, members or contributors and the public using a single system.
  • Supports blended learning for effective online and classroom training.
  • No limit for the number of courses or the amount of storage used.
  • A powerful API for integrating Litmos with other systems.
  • Educate all over the world, not just locally.
  • Flexible user licencing.
  • Not for profit pricing on top of already low pricing.

Contact Litmos today to learn more about setting up your non-profit eLearning.