3 Top Reasons to Learn from Coupa at Dreamforce

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The rapid shift in the technology landscape is interesting. The tech industry shifted to the cloud quickly. Legacy learning management systems delayed their response to the changing technology landscape. This left many organizations crippled with outdated systems moving too slowly to address their training needs. Early LMS systems were created mostly for internal employees and struggled with getting training courses and content outside of the organization.  20 years ago this was okay. Today, it’s the difference between business success and failure.

Coupa learned the hard way that an old legacy style LMS can’t keep up with the changing tech landscape. When their business began to change/grow their training couldn’t. That was a problem.

The Cloud Extends Your Training Department’s Value

The cloud changed everything for many industries. And it’s no different for the training industry. 21st century training departments serve more customers than ever before. And they should, because they can. SaaS based Learning Management Systems allow small training departments with limited resources the ability to extend beyond the central employee base. Training departments are now part of an overall enterprise strategy to educate channel partners and customers as well as internal employees.

The 3 most important reasons you need a SaaS-based LMS as part of your business:

  1. Employees,
  2. partners,
  3. and customers.

All 3 have an equal stake in your success. Their success is your success. So why not give them the knowledge, experiences, and tools they need to succeed?

Coupa needed an LMS that could extend the training function beyond just internal employee training. They need a learning partner that understands the need for training to add business value by offering training to employees, partners, and customers.


Employees need to be oriented to the business quickly so they can be productive. You also need them to be compliant to any training regulations your industry requires. As the old saying goes, “knowledge is power”. And if you want a powerful organization, you need systems with the power to scale up the knowledge that drives your business. Internal employees have traditionally been the only focus for training departments. But cloud based learning management systems not only enhance your internal training but extend your content beyond the internal walls.


When your partners succeed, you succeed. You want them to win because that means you win too. Sharing consistent knowledge and information across all of your channel partners solidifies the message you need them to share. However, delivering training courses with secure, confidential, content can be a challenge if you are saddled with a legacy LMS. A cloud-based LMS, like Litmos, gives you the enterprise power and flexibility to address the challenges in a simple and easy to use system. Your partners are an extension of your business, and this means your training department can help with partner education as well.


Your customers, like your partners, exist outside the sacred walls of your enterprise. An old internally located LMS will struggle to significantly meet the needs of educating your customers. Customer training is often seen as part of marketing. However, marketing systems were not designed to track the analytics required for learning. And often times the shallow nature of educational marketing content isn’t enough. Your customers want to go deeper. They need to know more about your product than what is usually available in marketing content. This is where the training department can help.

With Litmos, Coupa’s training department now supports an extended audience, consolidates content in one system, and can accurately report on all training activities. The many other benefits of a SaaS-based LMS also make managing the training function easy…and fun.

By empowering your training department with a cloud-based LMS, you are empowering them with the ability to scale up learning as a competitive advantage across all three audiences. But don’t just take our word for it. Coupa is reaping the benefits of an empowered training team.

Meet the learning leaders of Coupa at Dreamforce and hear about their success with Litmos and their Salesforce integration.

Tearing Down the Walls of Learning

Wednesday, October 5th 9:30am – 10:10am

San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, in Foothill F