Great Customers – Great Product – The Future of Learning – ATD2015

LitmosBoost Demo Watch

Litmos Boost on Apple Watch Demo

This week we’re at the ATD International Conference & Expo. Last week we were in Vegas for the CallidusCloudConnections event where Litmos ran the learning track. Back to back events can make for a busy and tiring schedule. But meeting our fabulous Litmos customers one week, and then talking about Litmos to potential new customers this week has me revived and invigorated. And not only for our product, but for the industry of training professionals(and non-professionals) solving business problems through training technologies.

I’ll admit that I some times get frustrated with the industry I’ve devoted my career too. But experiences like the past 2 weeks remind me that I’m on the right track and the industry is moving forward. Maybe a little slower than most would like. But we’re all moving forward nonetheless. And better than that we’re in an industry with really amazing and creative people. These truly are marvelous times.

The Event Keynote

While we were preparing in the expo area monday morning, the attendees were watching Andrea Jung keynote the opening general session. I heard she had a great message for the audience.

My Booth Conversations

I was originally expecting most of my booth conversations to be very unique. But I was pleasantly surprised (okay not that much, but a little) that most attendees were struggling with similar training problems. And none of them were outside the realm of capabilities within Litmos. I made sure to ask questions first. See, I’m not a sales person but I figured that part out. Nobody presented me with a problem we absolutely couldn’t solve. So it was easy to just show people how a cloud-based learning platform can be simple, yet powerful. Now I know why over 1000 companies left their current LMS for Litmos in 2013.

I even showed some attendees my 25 yr old reptile video that I uploaded into a Litmos course. It was fun to talk about the possibilities of learning. And how to take existing content and so easily make it useful again. The reptile video is an interesting experiment. Let me know what you think and tell me what the course should look like next. Seriously… I want your input.

Litmos Boost! And Apple Watch

Seeing the Apple Watch for the first time today was a fun experience as well.  And not only that we had the Litmos Boost! app running on it.  The industry has been talking about spaced repetition, and the need to refresh and recall key elements from training events, for a long time. But to finally show people what that looks like was the highlight of the day. And it’s not just the fact that Boost works on the watch, but it’s the fact that the feature is built right into the LMS and becomes part of your course design. Check it out!

If you are reading this post today and are at the ATD event, please stop by and say hi! I’d enjoy meeting you in person.

And we have ice cream 🙂