Blabbing About in Learning & Development – Join the Conversation

blablearning is the latest social media phenomenon. It’s a fantastic live streaming system that runs in browsers or on their mobile app. It’s similar to Google Hangouts but is far superior in its usability. There are so many use cases for a tool like blab and I want to figure out how we can apply blab, and tools like it, to corporate training and education.

Why blab? Didn’t we all get excited about WebEx, Connect, and so many other “teleconferencing” tools already? Yes! And when they first launched we were right to be excited about the possibilities. Those tools were cutting edge in their day. But for some reason we saw only slow innovation over the years since their launch.

What we are seeing today is a resurgence of innovation by new startups in video streaming. Much of the early buzz came from Google hangouts when it launched. I was a big fan for a long time, but was equally frustrated by the complexity of the interface. Then, more recently, we saw the fast rise of Periscsope and Meerkat. 2 similar tools focused on mobile video streaming only. And that leads us to the last 2 weeks with the launch of

In short, blab is amazing! It’s amazingly simple yet powerful in it capabilties. And I can’t go on without mentioning the community of early adopters that has formed around the tool. A couple community members took it upon themselves to create a guide that you can find here.

Check out the link and learn more about it.

Once you get the hang of it, then join me in a blab about how new mobile streaming tools like this can be used in eLearning/education/learning. I have not decided on a schedule yet. But you will find my profile at And you can catch a replay of my first Learning blab… or maybe we call it blearning. Follow me there or send Litmos a note on twitter @litmos.