The different options available for eLearning software companies

Today’s eLearning software companies are using the psychology of learning as their base starting point. Since attention is the prerequisite to training, developers of eLearning software make sure the courses are seizing the attention of the students and holding it long enough for them to truly benefit by the material.

This includes content variations aimed at memory retention, which consist of activities that entice and engage participation among students, and that provides a timely feedback mechanism.

Affordable eLearning – Anywhere, Anytime

eLearning allows learning from anywhere, anytime, as long as the computer of the learner is properly configured and connected to the internet. This new way of instructing is ideal for anyone of any age. It becomes a rich learning experience that operates on a virtual environment, and the benefits are many. Training is self-paced, less expensive, and easily manageable, even for a large group. Moreover, courses can easily and quickly be updated online.

Some have reasoned that online learning is boring because students lack interaction with other students. However, this concern is properly addressed by well designed, content rich courses and real-time interaction with other students and instructors through discussion boards, forums, and chat rooms.

eLearning Software Companies = No Limits on Learning

There are more than 300 eLearning software companies worldwide that allow educators, teachers, and trainers to create online courses and efficiently track the progress of their students. eLearning software companies and online training organizations like American Society for Training & Development (ASTD), International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), Rapid Intake, and The Learning Guild have cutting edge instructional tools that will promote the exchange of ideas through effective communication within the Instructional Design Community.

With eLearning, the sky is the limit. As trainers, teachers and educators search for the best learning management system for their requirements, eLearning software companies are meeting and exceeding their expectations, which creates an environment where everyone wins.

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Build Learner Engagement Through eLearning Content

We have all participated in “those” trainings — the ones which are comprised of a slideshow in a text and next format. It is difficult to stay awake, let alone be actively engaged. But the future of training is here, and it is Litmos. Litmos is an award-winning training platform that can bring the learning to your on-the-go employees in a creative and user-friendly way. Litmos’s mobile-friendly eLearning Content courses offers:

  • Content presented person-to-person by top experts who explain essential ideas clearly and completely
  • Interactive features embedded in each course which solidify the learning experience
  • Key concepts presented from a learner’s perspective; no legal jargon; and complex lessons are broken up to improve retention

Litmos provides content designed for any employee or customer, providing them the skills to be successful. You can be assured the most current and relevant content is being provided; course materials are continually refreshed. See a live demo today and learn how Litmos will be the most effective learning management solution for your enterprise.

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