How to use gamification on your online learning platform

Creating a gamification learning platform is one of the latest trends in the eLearning community. For those unfamiliar, gamification is the process of creating a set of course content that functions much like a game. This is a fun and exciting way for learners to acquire the skills they need to do a job or learn a particular subject. The software you use for this platform will need to be powerful enough to support blended learning and the high technical demands of gamification.

Gamification Explained

Creating games and ice-breakers has been a common part of training for a long time, and is not true “gamification”. When a lesson or course actually utilizes gamification, it means that the entire product functions like a video game. These video game designs are being applied to “non game” subjects. Typically this involves a set of rewards, interaction or competition among users, and various levels as one progresses through the lesson. Organizations of all kinds are having great success with this approach to training. The high degree of interaction with the content have proven to be a great approach for long term retention of the material.

Gamification LMS

The platform commonly used for gamification is a learning management system (LMS). An LMS is a piece of software used for training and employee learning and development. Your users will all access the content through a single portal. Administrators will use the same access to update content, prepare reports, or see how users fared on assessments within the content.

Some LMS platforms will include a mobile version which can be accessed on the go. This is a popular approach for gamification as users tend to be invested in their progress and are likely to continue learning as time permits well beyond a typical work or school day.

Finding Your Gamification Learning Management Platform

There are many LMS options on the market and not all of them will meet the needs of your gamification program. To help narrow down the selection, try to get your hands on and use as many of these options as you can. Litmos has a popular gamified learning platform that has received positive feedback from their users. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial of this software and see how it works for you. Give it a try and see how this gamification learning platform can work for you and your needs.