Take Advantage of Mobile Learning

As technology continues to become more widely available, mobile learning is an approach that many companies are interested in pursuing for their employees and students. Internet access is available just about anywhere and many people own one or more mobile devices. It only makes sense to set up training in a way that can be accessed onsite or on-the go. Mobile learning has many advantages and software platforms that make it an easy solution for your training needs.

Advantages of Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is desirable because it allows continuity of training or learning activities far from the confines of the classroom. Students can access their material from a laptop, tablet, or smart phone whenever they have time and are interested in doing so. More and more, an increasing number of those with internet access will be accessing it via their mobile devices. There is no longer a need for restricting learning activities to a hard-wired machine. With the right interface, a student or trainee can begin their training on-site and then take it with them wherever they go. Mobile learning helps meet the needs of today’s students by delivering training in a way that appeals to their learning styles.

Software Platforms for Mobile Learning

The platform typically used for mobile learning is called a learning management system (LMS). This is a powerful piece of software that allows training coordinators and students to access all of their learning activities from a single point of access. If you select the right LMS software, your desktop computer training is also mobile-compatible. With a seamless transition between the two versions, your learners and training coordinators will find it easy to complete their learning-related activities, wherever they may be.

Finding the Right LMS

Finding the perfect LMS for your needs is one of the biggest decisions you will need to make for your mobile learning program and for your users. With plentiful options available on the market, narrowing down the selection is often a bit of a challenge. Litmos has a vendor supported LMS that is used by millions of people around the world. You can try the LMS for free to see if you like it before purchasing. Start your free trial today and see if this LMS is the solution for your mobile learning program.