Providing Quality Multilingual Content Training

Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.”
— George Evans

This is true for all learners, in your building, and around the globe. When choosing a training program that will be meaningful for all your employees, choose the name you can trust: Litmos. Businesses that need multilingual training depend on Litmos.

Businesses such as Coca Cola, Mercedes Benz, and Zumba know that Litmos has the capability to train all their employees. Litmos facilitates training in 24 languages and is continually adding more. Newest languages are Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Czech and French (France). Besides training course content in many languages, Litmos operates as one global team and will:

  • Maintain your corporate website branding and navigation while providing  localized classes and content
  • Globally support multiple methods of payment, taxation, currencies and currency conversion
  • Localize pricing, language, branding and communications
  • Automate revenue recognition to review revenue

The potential of who can now use the most user-friendly LMS in the world is continually growing. With Litmos, you can be sure of not only quality content presented in many languages but also a delivery and integration platform you can implement easily.  Get a free, live demo and discover how Litmos will be there for you wherever you business grows.