Litmos is Compatible With All SCORM-Compliant Courses

In a nutshell, publishing SCORM-compliant courses means that course or training content is published in an open, industry-standard format that can be delivered by Litmos or any learning management system that is SCORM compliant. This prevents vendor lock-in on both sides of the overall process: production and delivery.

SCORM compliant courses can be created in any compliant eLearning authoring tool and then published by the tool in the SCORM format. To the user it looks like a simple Zip file. However, that Zip package contains a SCORM-compliant course with all files needed to make that course run correctly in any SCORM-compliant learning management system. Users (learners) then use the course content at their convenience.

Litmos is SCORM compliant at the highest level, which means you will never have any difficulty loading and delivering SCORM compliant courses.

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