2021: A Year of Essential Learning

2021Year-Essential-LearningIt’s the end of 2021… and where did it go?

Another “interesting” year has flown past us, and we’re all left wondering what even happened. Well, let’s do a little re-cap. The planet got a little warmer, the United States got a brand new president, some people went back to work in offices for a little bit. We thought things were better and then they weren’t, as we braced ourselves against new variants of the virus and ongoing changes in mandates and lockdowns time and time again. To say the least, change and disruption have been constant.

Yet, we carried on with life as best we could. Under the circumstances. And things at times felt heavy. But here at Litmos (being the fun, upbeat group we are) did at least try to do our bit to help our customers and motivate each other as a team.

We handled this in a few ways. We decided to create training courses that really excited us. For instance, we tried something brand new with and designed a fifteen-course suite of Leadership courses aimed at emerging managers with a comic, mockumentary twist (yes, we’re big fans of The Office…) and hey, if you’re going to learn, you may as well be entertained. We thought hard about all of our varied terrible management experiences, pooled together our knowledge, and created a collection that we believe will guide and motivate new leaders to being excellent in their roles.

As well as that, we’re still releasing the really important compliance training for your workplace. We’ve got the heavy topics covered – things like Discrimination Prevention, Conflict of Interest courses, GDPR, Sexual Harassment, Data Policy, Bullying Prevention, etc. The list goes on. Plus, we have courses aimed at both employees and managers, so everyone’s covered.

And on a more personal level, we wanted to help people develop as individuals. So, this year we’ve put out courses such as Check your Ego, Handling Defeat, Giving and Receiving Feedback, and an extremely important one for all of us right now: Inspiration.

And not to give too much away, but we’ve done it again when writing and creating a new suite of Digital Transformation courses. You’ll hear more about these in the New Year, but all we’re saying is… we’re very excited about them.

Plus, a ton of other varied titles.

We hope this new content inspires people to rise out of the rut, get back into being energized and innovating, and excited about looking forward to the future.

Farewell 2021 (we likely won’t miss you much) but we can still enjoy a good ending to the year and have a happy holiday! Best wishes to all of our friends and fans for a festive season and a joyous new year! We’ll see you in 2022 with new content and fresh eyes for learning.