Top 5 Corporate Training Blog Posts from November


The following list contains the top 5 blog posts from in November 2015. A quick glance reveals a theme of using digital technologies in training projects to deliver business value. If you missed any of these posts, I would encourage you to read them and join the conversations @Litmos on twitter.

10 New Learning Technologies – by Dr. Clark Quinn

There are many ways in which we’re not using technology in good ways, and yet there’s still the excitement over new technologies. We’re naturally excited by the new and shiny, but is there any substance behind the hype? Let’s investigate, with a keen eye on real learning potential…

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Why You Should Produce Your Own Video Learning Content

Mobile phones have come a long way over the last few years. Even if your phone is a few years old it still has the ability to record video. And for that matter digital cameras and digicams have come a long way as well. But you shouldn’t be deciding to use one or the other. You should be using both, or which ever one you feel the most comfortable using. Everyone is watching video. It’s time we started taking video production seriously as part of what training departments do…

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Think Different and Deliver Training That Adds Value

If you identify your work and job title as Instructional design(er), then you are a creative person. I would consider anyone doing corporate training work of any kind creative. Most corporate training professionals I have met throughout the years have a unique creative aspect to their personality. Not all. But most. With “designer” in the title how can we not feel like our work expresses our inner creativeness. The work we do in corporate training is a creative endeavor…

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5 Important Reasons Your Employees Need an Ongoing Training Program

You hire an employee, get them onboarded, and they complete their training. Now you release them into the wild where they are on their own and hope to do things right. What is wrong with this picture?

Having a training process to onboard new employees is a great thing, but what about their training needs a month down the road, or even a year? Training should be an ongoing process that doesn’t end right after they pass their new-hire course…

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Non-training Professionals Lead the Future of Training

I recently wrote “Why You Should Produce Your Own Video Learning Content“. It was just another attempt, like many before it, to inspire people to record, produce, and publish videos. It’s a drum I’ve been beating for many years, and have often wondered if anyone is listening. I’m confident enough in my predictions to never be too concerned. But at times it would be nice to hear from people who have been inspired to test out my theories…

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