Debunking Workplace Myths: New Learning Content

workplace mythsYou may have wondered from the title of this article, what exactly is a workplace myth?

Is it belief in an office legend like a Corporate Big Foot who lives in the server room? Or is it an urban myth that an eccentric co-worker told you in all sincerity – like if it’s less than 19.5°C / 67.1°F in your office, you’re legally allowed to go home with full pay because it’s a workers’ rights violation?

While a bit extreme for the sake of example, both of the above falsehoods would classify as workplace myths. This may sound like a modern, information-era phenomenon, but misinformation has actually been an issue since humans first started bluffing about mammoth hunts on cave walls or since sailors claimed they’d seen a mermaid when all they’d really seen was a lost manatee.

Since the average person spends 90,000 hours of their life working, it makes sense that a proportion of these myths would pop up at work. But work is tough enough. We shouldn’t have to add the unnecessary challenge of sorting through fact and fiction while trying to get our jobs done.

Want help cutting through the static?

Take advantage of the Debunking Workplace Myths courses from Litmos Training Content. These trainings separate truths from the fabrications, scrutinizing them with the magnifying glass of research and studies, across a variety of topics from multitasking to remote work.

The Debunking Workplace Myths collection contains training courses querying:

These courses offer multi-fold benefits. Not only do they clarify misconceptions, they also give you insights to perform better in your job by suggesting actions to avoid the problems the myths create.

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