DiscoverOrg Revolutionizes How They Onboard and Train Employees and Customers with Litmos


DiscoverOrg is on a mission to create a revolution in sales. A pioneer in the sales and marketing intelligence software space since 2007, the company’s platform is designed to reduce the time-to-direct-connection with targeted prospects and improve the performance of all prospecting efforts by providing both the contacts and context needed to sell and market more effectively.

In searching for an online learning platform, the biggest challenge DiscoverOrg faced was scalability because they sought a single solution for both employee-facing and customer-facing training. They needed a platform that could meet both of these needs and continue to grow with them as their business grows.

Ultimately, DiscoverOrg chose Litmos because it enabled them to scale the delivery of on-demand training to both its customers and employees, as well as integrate the platform with other enterprise solutions such as Salesforce and ADP.

Tom Studdert, VP of Learning and Development at DiscoverOrg, commented on the company’s decision to use Litmos and how the platform dramatically improved the connection between bringing new customers on board and training them for success: “By using Litmos at DiscoverOrg, we’ve created a revolution in how we train and onboard our customers, and now the two are inseparable.”

For new employees, Litmos enables them to complete HR and compliance training even before Day One on the job, which saves the company significant productivity losses in ramping up new workers. Specifically, using Litmos, DiscoverOrg was able to reduce new employee onboarding from four-to-six weeks to just two weeks.

The results on the customer side of the business have been profound. Studdert explained: “The customers who use our onboarding and training program through Litmos have a six-times higher ROI than those who do not… We’ve reduced the time it takes to on board a customer from 90 days down to 17 days.”

Watch the full success story of Litmos and DiscoverOrg here.