Using a Cloud LMS

There are so many facets to running a successful business. One critical area is choosing a cloud-based LMS. There are many options out in today’s market, but how do corporate trainers choose the best fit for their company? Experts agree that Litmos, an award-winning and leading LMS provider, is a platform that both trainers and learners love to use. Some features of Litmos include:

  • Simple yet powerful features designed with the end-user in mind
  • Ease of creating and assigning courses to use on virtually any device
  • Custom branding and content unique to your organization
  • Over 1,000 video-based modules already created to meet any training need
  • Integration with premier partners such as Salesforce

Litmos has won many awards and is used by companies of all sizes. With over 30,000,000 users strong, it’s no wonder that 1,000+ companies switched to Litmos LMS last year alone. No matter if you are using your LMS for employee, customer, compliance or channel training, Litmos has a solution fit for your company.