Gamification, the New Educate Online Learning Environment

There is a new trend in the environment of online learning and education: gamification. A gamification learning platform is the design of course content that works much like a game. This is an exciting and enjoyable way for learners to acquire the information they need to do a job or acquire a particular skill. Happily, Litmos can bring your business right into this new type of interface. Litmos knows just how to build a platform that can blend learning and the highly technical demands of gamification. Some gamification features include:

  • Courses that function like a video game
  • Sets of incentives, rewards, levels and competition among users as they progress through the lesson
  • Content with a high degree of interaction, retention, and success
  • User-friendly and interactive portals
  • Administrative access to upload revised content, download reports, or see how learners fared on assessments
  • Mobile version to be used anytime

Today’s employees have seen virtually everything. It can be difficult to keep your tech savvy staff engaged and enthusiastic about professional development. Capture their attention and breathe new life into your online learning environment. See our live demo and discover how Litmos can build a quality LMS you can believe in.

If you’re unsure what kind of LMS you want, Litmos offers a free trial of their vendor-supported LMS. Considering that they have millions of users across the world, their LMS has proven successful for many types of organizations. Give their well-tested eLearning system design a try and see how it works for you.

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