A Year in “Reviews”

2021 year in reviewHappy [almost] New Year, everyone!

Here at Litmos, we pride ourselves on constantly innovating, growing, and staying on top of industry standards. With multiple feature-focused releases each year you’re sure to find a feature that makes your training process easier and more automated.

But have you ever wondered where we come up with the plan of which features to add next? Of course, we have security and compliance pieces we have to add in, but at the end of the day most of our new features are developed because of people just like you! Our customers have access to our AHA community site where they can request new features and discuss the LMS, but we also look at sites such as TrustRadius and G2 to see what our community says about the Litmos Training and Training Content products.

We’re clearly biased, but we do strongly believe we offer the best LMS and learning content library that your budget can buy. Rather than me rambling on about it, however, how about taking some other people’s word for it? As 2021 comes to a close, check out some of the reviews our awesome customers submitted this year!

What Litmos customers say about usability:

“The platform is very amazing and it has helped us to customize our brand and it’s very easy to use and has [checklist] features with great support.” See full review >

“I attended a course on Litmos Dojo and gained more knowledge, the more I used the more expert I evolved. I love the easy to create to engage, run specific reports and the catalogue of over 900 course we’re amazing”….”I created our own mandatory training package of 6 and 10 core subject course which was sent to 145 staff for completion we gave a month date of completion, within just under 3.5 weeks we were 100% Complaint form 54%.” See full review >

What they say about Litmos Training Content:

“The system has minimized the complications of the training program by providing productive material. It offers video courses that include multiple subjects such as sales, leadership training, customer service, cyber security, health, and safety, etc.” See full review >

“We have been working with the Litmos Training platform for a long time and I found this unique solution in a huge collection of available tools which provide easier-to-use training tools and an extensive course library. For our ease and our employee’s understanding, it offers award-winning learning technologies and a set of robust features. This unique product has helped allow our business to use learning as a critical link between people and performance.” See full review >

What about scalability?

“We have started small, with very few training modules, and it was a simple launch for us. We have expanded our training portfolio since then, and the system grows with us.” See full review >

“Off-the-shelf LMS systems all do the same functions pretty well in regards to hosting content, but the continued development of both the integrations & features make SAP [Litmos] stand out, alongside their easy to navigate platform – it also stands out as having an easy to administer from a back-office POV allowing a number of stakeholders to assist in the marking and ongoing development of content.” See full review >

We want to thank you all for not only your kind words, but also the accountability you hold over us to give you the best product on the market! We look forward to an even better year in 2022!

Did Litmos help you with your training process, your compliance, or your ROI this year? We would love to hear from you!